God wants us to serve in the way in which He has gifted us. Each believer has a unique way to serve God as the scripture describes. We are to discover the gifts He has given us and then allow God to use who we are to bring others closer to Him.

Discover your spiritual gifts!
A spiritual gift is an expression of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer which empowers them to serve the body of Christ, the church. You have the opportunity to discover your spiritual gifts.

1. Carefully read through the Spiritual Gifts Survey, complete and tally results.
2. Use the results from your Spiritual Gifts Survey to review the Ministry Guide.
3. Mark the ministries or opportunities in which you would like to receive more information
4. Tell us your top 3 Ministry Opportunities. Here are 3 easy ways to submit your top ministry/serving
• Email at info@firstmelissa.com
• Complete the tear-off from worship guide and place in foyer receptacles
• Complete this form and place in foyer receptacles

Spiritual Gifts Survey