Weekly News — Week of April 9

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New Hope Cancer Support Ministry Launching Soon
Battling cancer can be overwhelming…certainly for the patient, but for caregivers as well. We are proud to announce that First Melissa is launching Hope Cancer Support Ministry that will be focused on supporting those fighting cancer, family members and caregivers. Join us as Pastor Trey and cancer survivors from the First Melissa family host the first meeting on Thursday, April 20, from 7–8 p.m. in Strive Cafe (Bldg. B).



New Sermon Series Marriage…Given by God
Are you married?  Will you ever be married?  Do you long for a marriage built on biblical truths?  Do you desire to be a husband or wife who loves like Jesus and lives like Jesus?  Join us Sunday, April 23, for the beginning of Pastor Trey Graham’s newest message series.  Please ask the Lord whom you should invite to this encouraging and practical Bible teaching series.



Summer Calendars Available
Pick up a Kids and Students Summer Events Calendar today in the foyer with details on camps, and much more.  You can register for individual events and get more information online at firstmelissa.com

Welcome to the Church Family
We welcome the following new members to the First Melissa family:
• Greg and Nancie Byrne
• Julie Corbett
• Justin and Aubrey Corbett
• Ted and Cheryl Graves
• Billy and Lisa McWilliams
• Koby and Angela Newkirk
• J.R. and Sarah Villanueva


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