NextGen Ministries (birth to grade 12)

Demonstrating a committed disciple making relationship for each child at every phase and stage from birth to grade 12. We have a strategic plan to maximize everyone’s investment in partnering with the church to have their kids become disciples of Jesus.

nextgen_preschoolLead Babies through Pre-school to love Jesus.  During this highly developmental stage in all areas of their lives, we believe it is so important to show each person the love of Jesus.  The fundamentals are shown each time they attend as, they begin to understand how to love Jesus and love others.  Bible verses are read to babies as we change their diaper, Faith Talks and God Sightings take place in each classroom, and a interactive Large Group time begins in the two- year old classroom.  >> More Info

nextgen_gradeschoolHelp Elementary Kids Trust Jesus. Most people begin their relationship with Jesus before the age of 12. We believe one of the most important things we can do as adults is help kids see Jesus in every story of the Bible. This helps kids trust Him in every area of their lives. >>More Info



nextgen_preteenLead Preteens in Building an Unshakable Faith. While preteens are wrestling with peer pressure, relationships or authority, they are also looking for significance. Many don’t recognize the unique challenges and emerging social needs of these students and force them into youth or kids’ ministries. When this happens, preteens are turned off by their experience at church. We believe the right mix of adult mentoring and strong, biblical foundation will enable students to live as Jesus wants them to, even in the face of the many challenges the world throws at them. >>More Info


nextgen_highschoolHelp Students Find Themselves in God’s Story. Many of our students are wrestling hard with issues like peer pressure, relationships and authority. They are finding it hard to discover who they are and what their life is meant to be about. They are searching for significance on terms they can understand and build on. We believe a successful student ministry will help teens understand themselves by allowing them to discover and release their God-given abilities and talents.   >>More Info