“You’re never more like Jesus than when you serve” — Gene Wilkes

God wants us to serve in the way in which He has gifted us. Each believer has a unique way to serve God as the scripture describes. We are to discover the gifts He has given us and then allow God to use who we are to bring others closer to Him.

Why serve?
We serve because Christ first served us. Jesus’ ministry was focused on teaching and meeting the practical needs of the people around him. Serving others inside the church and in the community is a key way we can demonstrate the love of Christ and draw others to him.

Find a place to serve…
There are many places and ministries within the church and community that you can serve in. Begin by discovering your spiritual gift and learning how God has uniquely equipped you for ministry. It might be teaching, hospitality, administrative help or many other roles. View our First Melissa Ministries Brochure to see all the ways you can serve.

We’re excited for you to serve with the ministry of First Melissa. To learn more about how you can get involved, contact the individual ministry leader listed in the First Melissa Ministries Brochure  or email info@firstmelissa.com for more information.