High School Summer Camp

High School Summer Camp

Dates: June 20-24

Location: Glorieta, NM

Cost: $440/student before March 31, $490 after March 31

Each summer, we split our students between middle school and high school, and then take each group to summer camp at different times and in different locations, better allowing for each group to get the most out of their summer camp experience. This year, we are taking our students completing 9-12 grade back to glorious Glorieta, NM. This camp is perched beautifully in a forest on the mountainside, offering breath taking views, comfortably cool weather during the summer, and tons of fun outdoor activities. At this camp, students will be given the chance to just be teenagers in a safe environment, actively being engaged, poured into, and stretched with the truth of the Gospel. Don't wait - sign up your high school student today!  

Event Coordinator Tyler Normand

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Thursday, June 23, 2022


All Day


Cost: $440.00